Occupational Health Specialist Inspector

Our occupational health specialists work as Regulators across Great Britain in a whole range of essential industries with thousands of workers, to ensure that work is managed safely. In this role, you can utilise your considerable professional knowledge to influence not only individual employers but whole industry sectors.

Your work as a regulator will make the most of your experience in occupational health – identifying risks, providing the right advice and crucially – taking steps to ensure the employer takes the necessary action. You could be inspecting the management of health risks in an engineering firm, investigating a report of occupational disease in a bakery, taking enforcement action when required. Your work will take you across the range of industries from construction, manufacturing and engineering, to agriculture, waste and recycling or the public sector.  This role will broaden your knowledge and your professional credibility like no other role can and you will be fully supported by your colleagues including the widest range of health and safety experts in Britain.

Together, you’ll be helping to protect thousands of people, whether that be from our offices or out on site.