Head of Devolution Engagement and Policy Team Leader

The Health and Safety Executive is recruiting an experienced Head of Devolution Engagement and Policy Team Leader to join our Engagement and Policy Division.

As the Head of Devolution Engagement and Policy you will have influence across all of HSE’s functions to ensure that we consider devolution early and carefully in developing and delivering our plans to protect people’s health and safety at work.

You will have ownership of HSE’s guidance framework on our devolution capability and process, maintaining its currency and ensuring it is widely implemented. Your team will help to ensure that:

  • HSE promotes the benefits of being a GB regulator in England, Scotland, and Wales;
  • Senior leaders receive assurance that HSE policy is equally effective for those we regulate (our duty holders) and workers across all three GB nations;
  • Our policies respect and support devolution within the UK;
  • We engage proportionately at the right level with stakeholders in Scotland and Wales
  • We maintain sufficient devolution capability.

For further information on the full job description and application process please see Civil Service jobs.