Environmental Regulatory Scientists

We have some exciting opportunities for regulatory scientists to work in our Environmental Teams where work will be undertaken principally across the Biocides and Pesticides regimes.

The CRD Environmental area is made up of Efficacy, Environmental Fate and Behaviour and Ecotoxicology disciplines. These teams evaluate the effectiveness of pesticides and biocides, how chemicals behave in the environment and what the environmental impacts are. Our Environmental scientists work closely with scientists from our Human Health and Delivery Teams.

We have opportunities for environmental regulatory scientists to work in the following areas:

  • Environmental fate and behaviour
  • Ecotoxicology

The Environmental Fate and Behaviour Team is made up of a team of 28 scientists who are involved in the evaluation data examining degradation and mobility of substances in soil, water, sediment and air. Using information on the properties of individual chemicals and mixtures, you will be involved in preparing exposure assessments and supporting HSE Ecotoxicology specialists in assessing environmental risks. These assessments are used to support HSE regulatory decisions.

The Ecotoxicology Team is made up of a team of 21 scientists who are responsible for evaluating data submitted on the toxicity of pesticides, biocides or other chemicals to a wide range of non-target organisms such as birds, mammals, aquatic organisms, bees, non-target arthropods, earthworms and soil macro and micro-organisms as well as non-target terrestrial plants. In addition, data on exposure are also evaluated and these data, along with the toxicity data are used in carrying out the associated regulatory risk assessment.

To apply for this job please visit www.civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk.